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The Mid-Morning Dump - 1/20/14

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ANOTHER BAD WEEKEND THE WOMEN. The men lost to Texas, so the women one-upped it by losing to an under .500 Kansas State.

REMEMBERING BRAY. Football friends remember Curtis Bray at his public visitation on Friday.

BUBU'S BACK. Today marks the first practice for Bubu Palo this season, and he "doesn't want to mess anything up" for the team. With how it's been going lately, not sure that it's possible.

TURNOVERS. the team that was once leading the NCAA in assist/turnover ratio is now plagued by that problem.

MISTER CHOOSES INDIANA. Tommy Mister officially decided on Indiana. The former Cyclone commit says the coaching changes are what did it for him.

KEMBOI LEADS NCAA. Edward Kembo finished the 800M in first at the Nittany Lion challenge.

CRAZY IOWA HS BB SHOT. Hinton, IA makes Deadspin!

SHERMANGATE. Richard Sherman scared the crap out of Erin Andrews during his post game interview last night. Of course this means a lot have been jumping on Sherman with racist or classless remarks.Brian Floyd defends him.