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The Mid-Morning Dump - 1/21/14

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CLEARLY, BUBU IS THE ANSWER. The players held a meeting to discuss issues they've had in their 3 game losing streak, as well as the return of Bubu Palo.

FRED'S PRESS CONFERENCE. This week's press conference has a significantly sadder tone than weeks past.

PLAYERS DETERMINED TO GET IT RIGHT. Georges, DeAndre and Naz talk about getting back on the winning track.

MISTER OUT, WARREN IN? With Tommy Mister officially off to Indiana, Iowa State has turned its attention to Michael Warren.

MORRISSEY CHANGES NUMBER. Cory Morrissey changed his number to Curtis Bray's playing number to honor his late coach.

BIG 12 HISTORY. So much for that supposed down year in the Big 12...

STILL HOLDING IN BRACKETOLOGY. SB Nation still has Iowa State at a 3 seed.

WILLIEGRAMS FOR EVERYONE! At least use Snapchat for your Williegrams, Wildcats.

MORE SHERMAN FALLOUT. Richard Sherman semi-apologized for his rant and explains what happened in a very eloquent manner, and Greg Howard writes about the whole episode.

WHO SHOULD YOU ROOT FOR? A Super Bowl rooting guide for the college fan. If you want to root for the team with more ISU ties, you'd have to lean towards the Seahawks' 3-2 edge in former ISU coaches.

NO MORE EXTRA POINTS? What the hell, Roger Goodell. (Hey, that rhymed!)

SOCHI WEIRDNESS. Two toilets, one stall.