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Updating the Media Guide

Marco Garcia-USA TODAY Sports

Game after game, we sit in front of our television sets and listen to national media types recite the same old tired anecdotes about our favorite Cyclone athletes. These snippets into the lives of these players rarely change and regardless of who's on the call, we're going to hear the same thing every game.

Sensing an opportunity to help our broadcasting friends out, we at WRNL decided to put together an updated media guide, full of fun and exciting new facts that we hope to hear in future games. So Dave Armstrong, Brad Sham, Reid Gettys and everyone else, here you go!

Georges Niang

Old Standby: Played on the same prep team as Nerlens Noel, allowing him to develop his low post, "old man" game.

But Did You Know: Has seen every Steven Seagal movie...twice.

Monte Morris

Old Standby: Was named Mr. Basketball in the state of Michigan.

But Did You Know: Against his better judgment, he secretly loves that "Timber" song by Ke$ha (but let's be honest here, deep down, we all kind of love that song).

Melvin Ejim

Old Standby: Big 12's active leader in double-doubles.

But Did you Know: He crosses the Zodiac before every final and still was inducted into the Phi Kappa Phi honor society.

Matt Thomas

Old Standby: Pure shooter.

But Did You Know: He's a little over a month away from turning in a performance that's the basketball equivalent of Keyser Söze. Season-long slump you say? Not as good of a shooter as we thought? That's what Keyser Söze wants you to think. That's the beauty of it. You totally buy into the story and the narrative and you think you've got it all figured out and then BAM, it's hits you. The coffee mug falls to the floor and shatters as you realize this was the guy you were looking for all along and all you can do is sit by helplessly as Thomas buries yet another 3-ball and Iowa State advances to the Sweet 16.

Naz Long

Old Standby: The "other" Canadian on the team.

But Did You Know: Also a gifted musician, as evidenced by his playing of "Oh Canada" on the Campanile carillon on July 1st of last year.

Percy Gibson

Old Standby: Showed a lot of promise as a freshman.

But Did You Know: Only knows how to use chop sticks right handed.

DeAndre Kane

Old Standby: Wears #50 to honor his father, who tragically passed away just shy of his 50th birthday.

But Did You Know: Prefers Superdogs over gyros.

Daniel Edozie

Old Standby: Born in London, England.

But Did You Know: Has no respect for any man that plays "spinnies" in foosball.

Dustin Hogue

Old Standby: Plays with outstanding energy.

But Did You Know: Has become consumed with the urban legend of the "Smiley Face Killer" in his spare time.

Sherron Dorsey-Walker

Old Standby: Scored 67 points in a Capitol City League game.


Tyler Ellerman

Old Standby: Local walk-on and fan favorite.

But Did You Know: Refuses to watch WHO-TV news because he's "not an Ed Wilson guy".