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The Mid-Morning Dump - 1/23/14

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KANE MAKES MIDSEASON WOODEN LIST. DeAndre Kane is on the Midseason Top 25 Wooden Award watchlist.

THE BUBU CIRCUS GOES ON. The State of Iowa has asked that the Iowa Supreme Court stay the decision of a district court to allow Bubu Palo back on the team. Meanwhile, at least one fan is tired of the "crusade" against Palo.

MORE PERCY/EDOZER. With the conference grind hitting in full stride, Fred Hoiberg suggests Percy Gibson and Daniel Edozie are primed for for playing time.

JENSEN OUT. Brandon Jensen is suspiciously absent from the newest official roster, confirming months of rumors.

ROHACH A BUILDING BLOCK? Big 12 blog seems to think the QB competition is all but won.

BIG 12 GAMES OF THE YEAR. Iowa State gets back to back slots at #5 and #6 on the countdown for its 52-44 triple OT win over West Virginia and 31-30 controversy against Texas, respectively.

BLUM HELPS OUT. With all the bitching about the officials lately, Brent Blum helps out by explaining some basketball rules.

REESING BACKS MANGINO. Former KU QB Todd Reesing thinks the Cyclone offense is on the way up with his former coach Mangino at the helm.

DEVELOPMENT PLAN. Louis Ayeni has a plan to develop his talent in the backfield.

FIRST WORLD (COLLEGE ATHLETICS) PROBLEMS. Michigan AD Dave Brandon talks about his coaching search for Brady Hoke and how he commissioned empty planes to be flown to random spots to throw off the media. Just a bit wasteful there, Dave.

WAY TO GO VINCE. It's hard to believe that 8 years ago he was the hero of the best national championship game ever. Now he's filing for bankruptcy.

NFL COACHES ARE DRUNK. Maybe Vince has another shot at the league, because a real, live, NFL coach says he wants Mark Sanchez as his starting QB.

FAIRLY ACCURATE. This guide to American football is pretty much the best way to teach a newbie the game.

THE ANTI-POSTERIZATION. Andrea Bargnani tries to make a top play and doesn't exactly succeed.

THE FISHER PONY. Derek Fisher is not a horse, Mr. Ref.