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The Mid-Morning Dump - 1/24/14

OSCAR ROBERTSON WATCH LIST. DeAndre Kane is one of 23 players on the Oscar Robertson award watchlist.

WILL WORK FOR 3s. Iowa State desperately needs the 3s to come back for a return to their winning ways.

VERY DEEP BIG 12. People are noticing how tough the Big 12 is this year.

BUBUGATE. This dizzying saga has hit Deadspin, which actually summed up the case pretty nicely. Iowa State is now denying that they impeded any Palo transfer possibilities.

PROBABLY RELATED. New running backs coach Louis Ayeni and recruit Terry Ayeni found out they're probably related.

REBOUND ON THE ROAD? The ladies hit the road to Lubbock for a matchup against the Red Raiders, a team they smoked 74-48 earlier in the season.

MUCH LESS SCARY WITH KIDS. Children re-enact the infamous Richard Sherman interview.

TERRIFIED OF BIEBER. Eric Dickerson and Keyshawn Johnson can finally sleep at night now that Justin Bieber is behind bars.

ONE MAPLE LEAFS FAN IN THE HOUSE. The Dallas Stars don't mind taking a dig at Mr. Bieber.

SO, WHAT ARE YOU DOING THIS WEEKEND? Whatever you're doing, it's probably better than Utah State's goalie, who will spend it moping about giving up an OT goal while chatting with fans.

HUGS! Erik Karlsson and Mike Green aren't going to join the brawl their teammates were having.

VIVA DES MOINES! The "richest" city in America!

GOODWILL OR RALPH LAUREN? If it weren't for the telltale pricetag, Team USA's official garb could have easily been from Goodwill.