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The Mid-Morning Dump - 1/27/14

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TALKING ABOUT A WIN IS FUN, GUYS! Matt Thomas, Georges Niang and Fred Hoiberg talk about getting back in the win column.

MELVIN GETS PROPS. The quietest 20 point game gets its due from ESPN's Myron Medcalf.

MATT'S BACK. Matt Thomas answered a lot of doubters with his hot shooting performance on Saturday.

THE FORGOTTEN MAN. Steve Malchow is heaping the praise on Dustin Hogue, the understated headliner.

LEATH TALKS BUBU. Steven Leath drops the hate on Bubu Palo: "If you won't value honor before victory, then don't play here."

BACK TO A 2. CBS Sports' Bracketology has Iowa State back at a 2 seed after the win over KSU.

BIG RECRUITING WEEKEND. Iowa State was able to secure commitments from JUCO DL Terry Ayeni as well as HS RB Michael Warren (OK) and DB Michael Johnson (FL), who appears to have been influenced heavily by Buccaneers CB Leonard Johnson.

IN THE MOLD OF DOBBINS? Jordan Harris, the nation's leading JUCO tackler, is ready to follow the same path as former Cyclone Tim Dobbins.

LADIES BACK ON TRACK TOO. The women also got back to winning, beating Texas Tech 85-76.

THE FIVE FACTORS. Bill Connelly examines the five things that are important to winning in college football.

HARDEST TO RECRUIT. Offensive linemen tops the list of hardest positions in CFB to recruit.

THEY'RE TRYING AGAIN! Nobody watched the Pro Bowl, but those who did saw an unfamiliar sight: players were actually trying, especially Chiefs LB Derrick Johnson, who had no problem trying to re-concuss Jamaal Charles.

JUST A GOOD OL FASHIONED HOCKEY BRAWL. Even the coaches wanted to get involved in this one.

AJ MCCARRON IS AFRAID OF THE GRAMMYSSo much evil in this world.