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The Mid-Morning Dump - 1/29/14

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UNIONIZING. Northwestern players started a union called the National College Players Association to ask for reforms in college football.

PAY FOR PLAY? NOPE. While many are jumping to declare that the NCPA wants pay for play, Jason Kirk points out that's just not true.

OPPORTUNITY TO SILENCE THE DOUBTERS. The Cyclones are well aware that people are slowly exiting the ISU Final Four bandwagon and see beating KU on the road as the cure to that.

LOSSES IN LAWRENCE. The variety of ways the Cyclones have lost to the Jayhawks still stings Fred Hoiberg and the team.

IS MORRIS READY FOR PHOG? How will Monte Morris react to the most hostile place he's ever played in?

REVENGE IN MORGANTOWN? The ladies hit the road to take on West Virginia in hopes of avenging their loss earlier this season.

WTF DEVONTE. TCU's star DE Devonte Fields was assaulted and robbed, but he DOESN'T want to press charges.

PEEWEE TOM HERMAN'S BIG ADVENTURE. Some snow in the South caused interstates to be shut down, and if you don't believe it, just check in with Tom Herman.

IS A PLAYOFF COMMITTEE BETTER? Much has been made of the new playoff selection committee, but is it really better?

THE WORST FIRST ROUND PICK EVER? Daryl Morey (probably at least partially being funny) called Royce White the worst first round pick ever.

MOVING THE BIG 12/SEC CHALLENGE. The current basketball challenge happens right around bowl season, so the SEC and Big 12 are talking about moving it back.

CHEERLEADING IS A SCAM. A Ravens cheerleader talks about how ridiculous the pay and hour for cheerleading in the NFL are.

JUST A WEE BIT RACIST. Indian basketball player gets a 7-Eleven chant directed at him by opposing fans.

ONE HANDED GOALIE. The fascinating story of Joe Rogers, who made it to D1 hockey without a hand.

I DON'T EVEN KNOW. In Philadelphia, people who commit DUI go that extra mile to be weird.