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The Mid-Morning Dump - 1/30/14

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CAME UP SHORT. The team throw a lot of respect Kansas' way and know they just came up a little short.

CHASING A FREIGHT TRAIN. Brent Blum laments how the Cyclones played well, but were chasing the freight train that is KU.

FRED AND MELVIN TALK. Fred Hoiberg and Melvin Ejim talk post-game about another loss to KU. Both are happy with the efforts but not the result.

WIGGINS BURNS THE CYCLONES. Andrew Wiggins went off for a career high to bury Iowa State, one-upping his monster effort in Ames.

HOGUE APOLOGIZES. Not one to blame officials, Dustin Hogue apologizes for his flagrant.

INCREDIBLE READ. Jeff Woody comments on the NCPA movement and outlines the pitfalls as well as the major positives it could bring.

LADIES LOSE TOO. The women went down big to West Virginia and brought it back to eight, ultimately falling 67-56 in Morgantown.

SYRACUSE VS THE SOUTH. Orange head coach Scott Shafer called the Southerners #softnosed for their weather problems and it turned into Civil War on Twitter. Every Day Should Be Saturday explains how Hothlanta happened, and here's some cool photoshops of the Hothlanta concept.

TERRIBLE TONY. Tony Parker shot a free throw about five feet.

POOR SPORTSMANSHIP. Putting bleach in your opponents' Gatorade seems like a pretty dickish thing to do.

REFFING AN OUTDOOR GAME. First person video from a ref at the Devils-Rangers game at Yankee Stadium.

RECORD SHUTOUT. Oilers goalie Ben Scrivens put up a 59 save shutout, a new NHL record.