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The Mid-Morning Dump - 1/31/14

THE DAY AFTER. Monte Morris and Matt Thomas talk about their first times in Phog Allen.

PRETTY GOOD OFF THE COURT TOO. Melvin Ejim was named to the Capital academic all district team, and so was Hallie Christofferson.

MORRIS STARTING? Looking for a solution to its early game issues, is Fred Hoiberg going to start Monte Morris?

LUNARDI TROLLING. Iowa vs. Iowa State and KSU vs. Wichita State in the 3rd 2nd round? Joe Lunardi is trying to rile people up.

JEREMIAH WILL BREAK YOU. Out to prove that his lack of height isn't an issue, Jeremiah George bulked up 11 more pounds to his already ridiculously giant frame.

LAZARD SET THE TONE. Chris Williams writes that Allen Lazard's early commitment led to a fairly impressive recruiting class for the Cyclones.

THE 23 PEOPLE AT YOUR SUPER BOWL PARTY. rundown of the various people you'll see Sunday. I guess the moral of the story is, don't bring dip if you're a dude.

BOEING'S IN THE SEAHAWK SPIRIT! Boeing named their test plane after the 12th man and drew an interesting flight plan to complete the city spirit.

BREAKING MADDEN, SUPER BOWL EDITION. Extremely giant and awesome vs extremely small and terrible. I wonder how this will end.

SIMPSONS DID IT ALREADY. No need to watch the game though, because The Simpsons already predicted the final score.