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The Mid-Morning Dump - 1/7/14

SCOUTING THE BEARS. Fred Hoiberg scouts Baylor and the matchup problems they'll cause.

BIG BIG GAME. You don't have to convince Melvin Ejim tonight's game means a lot.

PALM LOVES ISU. Well, this is awkward... Jerry Palm has Iowa State as a 2 seed.

KANE IS CONSISTENT. DeAndre Kane's career averages from year to year are astoundingly similar.

TALKING MANGINO. Paul Rhoads talks to the media about his new hire.

BRUNS LIKES THE HIRE. The always eloquent Ben Bruns shares his take on Mangino and he is a big fan.

SO DOES BRYCE MILLER. Miller calls Mangino the first win for ISU football in 2014.

LEE-CAMPBELL HAPPY. Darius Lee-Campbell is a big fan of the Mark Mangino hire.

MANGINO'S GOT JOKES! The new OC commented that he was snowed in at Youngstown right now and would hopefully "get to Ames before spring ball".

SLIGHTLY LOST IN THE SHUFFLE. Louis Ayeni's announcement as the new RB coach has been eclipsed (NOT A FAT JOKE) by the Mangino news, but his resume is impressive as well.

TOMMY MISTER DOING HIS HOMEWORK. Now that his OC and RB coaches are set, Tommy Mister is doing research before he re-commits.

I AM RON BURGUNDY BRENT MUSBERGER? Brent Musberger introduced himself as Kirk Herbstreit.

FILM ROOM. ESPN News had a group of coaches sitting down to analyze the game live, and they all nailed the Florida State fake punt.

END OF THE BCS ERA. And it went out with a bang, with Florida State overcoming the first halftime deficit in BCS history to beat Auburn 34-31. This game is second only to Texas-USC in my book.

RED LIGHTNING. The only thing that went well for Florida State in the first half was amazingly amped up ball boy Red Lightning, which means we should all debate between him and dancing Texas Tech ginger as best sports ginger.

BO WINS THE NIGHT. Bo Pelini is well aware his parody account has more followers than he does.

KARMA. Kid goes halfway across the rink to check an opponent, ends up faceplanting into boards.