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#7 Baylor @ #9 Iowa State Gamethread

Channel: ESPN2Tip-off: 6:00 PM Central

Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sport

The first real test of the conference schedule has arrived at our doorstep in the form of a legitimate Top-10 matchup. Baylor has the size advantage, while Iowa State has Hilton Magic and The Mayor. Tipoff is at 6 Central on ESPN2, and tonight's game will be in Standard Definition due to ESPN's inability to get a truck to Ames for "weather-related reasons." Will Baylor ever win a game in Hilton? Will Iowa State be able to keep the win streak alive? Tune in tonight and squint your eyes really hard to find out!

Also announced today: The players will be sporting a black "JO" patch tonight (and for the rest of the season.) in honor of the late Coach Orr.



Fire up the Tonight Show theme, boys. Let's do this.