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The Mid-Morning Dump - 1/8/14

FRED HOIBERG, TROLLING ESPN. Fred started his press conference out with a crack at ESPN's lack of HD.

KANE AND EJIM TALK. DeAndre and Melvin sat down with the media to discuss the demolition of the Bears.

PROPHETIC. SI got the jump on all the Kane-mania, penning this piece about his move from Marshall to Ames.

BRUCE KANE. ESPN's Myron Medcalf was at Hilton last night, and he was impressed by the transcendent performance of DeAndre Kane.

DREW REALLY LOVES ISU. I don't even know that most ISU fans would go as far as him about the Cyclones right now.

BIG TIME SUPPORT. Monte Morris and Dustin Hogue helped out DeAndre Kane's superhuman effort with very good performances of their own.

ALWAYS DEFERENTIAL. Kane gave credit immediately to his teammates, which is fitting because his huge stat outbursts at Marshall ended with losses.

MORE KANE. CBS Sports' Matt Norland thinks DeAndre is an All-American right now.

ANOTHER 2 SEED PROJECTION. SBN's Chris Dobbertean is slotting ISU in as a 2 seed.


NO SPECIAL TREATMENT HERE. Iowa State gets singled out by CNN for not providing student-athletes with extra academic benefits while maintaining a small academic gap from the rest of the student population.

REMEMBER SEAN KEELER? The former DMR writer wrote this article about Mark Mangino's return to the Big 12.

COLE ANDERSON IS 100% CYCLONE. "If coach Rhoads would have told me that he was bringing in a janitor from Franklin  high school in Delaware to be the offensive coordinator, I would have been behind it 100 percent."

LADIES START TONIGHT. The women start their Big 12 Hilton slate tonight vs. Texas Tech.

TO DIE AT THE ROSE BOWL. Spencer Hall writes about his experience at the second best BCS Championship game ever.

RED MCCOMBS HATES CHARLIE STRONG. Somebody should remind the Longhorn mega-booster that just because it's Texas, doesn't mean a successful BCS bowl winning coach is only fit to be a coordinator there.

THIS IS THE ONLY THING GOING FOR THE KNICKS. JR Smith has been untying opponents' shoes for some reason or other. Oh, probably because he's a jerk.

HOCKEY! Brayden Schenn's midsection got sliced open by a skate, so he got patched up on the bench, then scored the game winner in OT.