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The Mid-Morning Dump - 1/9/14

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GUNS DOWN. The ladies destroyed the Red Raiders 74-48 last night and are now sitting pretty at 14-0.

MORE THAN JUST OFFENSE. The Cyclone women have more than offense as a weapon.

A TEAM OF DESTINY. Mark Titus is buying HARD on Iowa State being the team of destiny in 2014.

PROPS FOR KANE AND HOIBERG. DeAndre Kane and Fred Hoiberg both get two nods from the CBS Sports panel for All-American and Coach of The Year Honors. Also notable: Dan Dakich has competition from Doug Gottlieb for slurping Aaron Craft.

LEAVING THE PRAISE FOR OTHERS. Fred Hoiberg is taking it game by game, but other people (like Scott Drew) will dish the praise on the Cyclones.

THANKS, HARRISON. Brent Blum points out all the crazy things that have happened to lead us to this point for Iowa State basketball.

DIANTE STICKS. The Utah Jazz have guaranteed DG's contract for the rest of the season, making an appearance in Iowa unlikely.

LUNARDI BUYS IN. Joe Lunardi now also has Iowa State as a 2 seed in his latest bracketology.

BAKER MAYFIELD DOESN'T FIND KINGSBURY DREAMY. The Texas Tech walkon spoke to Jake Trotter about what caused him to leave the team.

NUSSMEIER IS TIRED OF BAMA FANS. How else to explain the Alabama OC leaving to take the same job at Michigan? (hint: It's probably $$$) The best part of this story is that Lane Kiffin might be in the mix to replace him.

HIDE ALL YOUR WIVES AND MOTORCYCLES, LOUISVILLE! Bobby Petrino is back at Louisville. Here's a timeline of his shenanigans.


BASEBALL HOF CONTROVERSY! Dan Le Batard gave his ballot to Deadspin and caused people to care about baseball for a while.

THE NBA, WHERE TRAVELING IS COOL. Dwyane Wade only took 7 steps. No big deal.

MISSING EVERYTHING IS ALSO COOL. No need to hit rim, dude.