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The Mid-Morning Dump - 10/1/14

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WE'RE GOOD AT ONE THING! Offense and defense have been an alternating struggle, but at least special teams have been wonderful.

CHATTING OSU. Several players talk about their matchup with the ranked Cowboys.

SO T.J. MU(T)CH KEY. The key to stopping OSU's passing attack is safety T.J. Mutcherson.

THE ONE LOVED ENEMY. Daniel Burton talks about facing the team he loved growing up.

WARREN DONE. Not that freshman Michael Warren wasn't planning to redshirt anyway, but his shoulder surgery makes it a for sure thing.

MEH. Mark Mangino, like the rest of us, doesn't really care that Kansas sucks.

DAUNTING TASK. The volleyball team prepares to fly down to Texas to take on the 2nd ranked Longhorns.

WHO HATES THEIR RUN GAME MORE? Saturday's Drinkalliance matchup features two struggling rushing attacks.

INTO THE ABYSS. Charlie Weis, in remembrance of.

THE NUMERICAL. Bill Connelly's weekly look at CFB.

ROYALS LOSE! Not really, but accidentally ran that.

THREESOME FOR PLAYOFF TICKETS. Well, you have to applaud the effort, I guess.

BOOM GOES THE DYNAMITE. The TBS baseball team (including some guy who appears to have eaten Pedro Martinez) recreates the "Boom Goes the Dynamite" highlight clip.

THIRD MOST MIDWESTERN! Iowa is the third most Midwestern state in the union.