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Help Pay Jamie Pollards Fine, by Helping Children!

WRNL Hates the Big 12 officials, but loves children (in a non-creepy way). Come help us support children in need by helping to pay Pollards fine by donating to Blank Children's Hospital.

Tom Pennington

Hi everyone,

As you all know, Jamie Pollard recently called out the officials in the Oklahoma State game, and was fined to the tune of $25,000. We here at Wide Right and Natty Lite wanted to turn a negative into a positive. So we, with the help of CycloneFanatic have decided to set up a place to donate to help "pay off" Jamies fine. Since Jamies son, along with so many other children receive great care through Blank Children's Hospital in Des Moines, we decided this would be an excellent place!

On the donations page there is a place to make a donation "in honor" or "in remembrance" of someone.

Here are a few suggestions we were thinking of:

1.) In remembrance of John Higgins

2.) In remembrance of the Texas "touchdown takeaway"

3.) In remembrance of Dan Bebe R.I.P

4.) In remembrance of OSU "touchdown takeaway"

5.) In honor of "The Apology Wall"

Be creative, we want to hear what you guys put!

At the end be sure to have them send your thank you to either  the Big 12 head office

400 E John Carpenter Fwy, Irving, TX75062, United States

If you would like to donate click here.

Once you are on the page click on Designation: Blank Children's Hospital

Then Click on Sub-Designation: ISU Alumni Honoring Jamie Pollard.

Fill out all of the information, and you have made your donation.