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The Mid-Morning Dump - 10/10/14

CLASSROOM EXCELLENCE. Bryce DeJean Jones has been here for a short amount of time, but he's already excelling in the classroom.

GROUND ROCKETS. Kirk Haaland researches the rushing attack of the Toledo Red Rockets.

FIFTH? FIFTH. Steve Malchow looks at the departures Fred Hoiberg has had to deal with each year.

DO EVERYTHING GUY. Jake Campos is excelling in his role shifting everywhere across the line, though Mark Mangino hates it.

BREAKOUT MONTE. Monte Morris was named as a possible breakout candidate for this season.

SNOWBALL EFFECT. Increased DB competition could mean more turnovers for the Iowa State defense.

BIBBS IN THE SPOTLIGHT. Big 12 blog highlights the Toledo pass defense as the reason why E.J Bibbs should continue his big games.

GURLEY'S GAFF. The email that got Todd Gurley suspended, in all its glory.

HE'S NOT DEAD, GUYS. Georgia fans take the Neymar approach to handling Gurley's suspension.

RIBBIT RIBBIT. TCU's five year plan to being pretty damn good.

TROTZ IS THE DEVIL. Proper head placement makes for good photos.

YAO MAKES EVERYONE LOOK SMALL. Just dwarfing everybody out there.