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The Mid-Morning Dump - 10/13/14

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QUICK TEMPO = QUICK POINTS. The uptempo play the Cyclones employed in the second half is the major reason they won the game.

SAM AND D'VARIO, TOGETHER AGAIN. Richardson and Montgomery showed the chemistry they had in high school in connecting for three times more than they did the rest of the year combined.


SOONER DOMINATION. Volleyball returned to the win column as they beat OU 3-1.

THE FIRST OF MANY? Martinez Syria talks about scoring his first college touchdown.

HOW ABOUT THAT ALL BIG 12 EFFORT? E.J. Bibbs left everything on the field, including a piece of his jersey, on his huge TD catch.

WVU THEFT. Iowa State got a commitment from 3 star JUCO DE Larry Jefferson, who had previously committed to the Mountaineers.

ANOTHER BUMP FOR JAKE. Jake Knott's NFL career took another downturn with a knee injury suffered in practice.

HOW PHILLY IS THIS? A man had his prosthetic leg stolen by a lady wearing Eagles gear.

NOT VERY GOOD DEFENSE. Ronnie Price isn't about to let you beat him down the court without him throwing a shoe.

THEY PROBABLY DESERVED IT. When you're down 38-0 and you kick a FG to try to save face, you probably deserve to miss it.

FUTBOL OR FOOTBALL? LSU went to the soccer playbook to draw personal fouls on Florida.