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The Mid-Morning Dump - 10/14/14

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BETTER HOPE YOU HAVE LHN! If you don't have Cyclones.TV in-state or LHN, you're not going to see Iowa State - Texas.

DON'T GET USED TO IT. The up-tempo look Iowa State busted out on Saturday is not here to stay, at least not permanently.

ALWAYS RECRUIT MOM. Iowa State was able to flip Larry Jefferson's commitment by targeting his mother.

VEILED SUCCESS. Kirk Haaland writes that the offense was far more successful than it looked at first glance.

FIGHTERS. Iowa State has gotten down early in games this season, but that hasn't stopped them from fighting back.

IOWA PRIDE. There's a lot of home grown talent on the roster this year, and they're happy to represent the state.

ANOTHER JUCO DE. Xavier Pegues, a DE from Itawamba CC in Mississippi, committed to the Cyclones last night.

BIGGER ROLES IN STORE. Naz Long and Monte Morris are expecting increased roles on the team this year.

GRAPHICAL SPORTS. Explaining sports in America with 40 maps and charts.

LET'S GET WEIRD! The 2014 season is setting up to get just as convoluted as the 2007 season.

SOOOO, MORE BAD INFO! The process of the college football playoff selection committee, explained.

INGENIOUS. This Texas HS onside kick is a stroke of genius.

WRONG SPORT, AUSTIN PETTIS. Mighty Ducks tattoo? Bold.

DUDE PERFECT HITS THE ICE. Dude Perfect joins the Dallas Stars, and the shootout stuff they do with donuts and rubber duckies is pretty slick.