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The Mid-Morning Dump - 10/15/14

NIANG TALKS BODY. He's got talent, and he's got jokes.



TWO MORE CONFERENCE WINS! Advanced stats project Iowa State to get 2.11 more conference wins.

THE NEXT LEADER. Kamari Cotton-Moya is doing everything he can to be a difference maker on the defense as a freshman.

EFFICIENCY DEFINED. Monte Morris had a highly efficient season last year, so he worked even harder to become even more of an impact player.

IMPACT TRANSFER. I know you're all shocked to see a Cyclone player on a list of impact transfers, but Bryce Dejean-Jones is #2 on this NBC Sports list.

THAT OTHER TRANSFER. With all the talk about Jameel McKay and BDJ, many are forgetting about Abdel Nader, a hell of a player in his own right. CFTV catches up with him.

THIS IS IRONIC. A Texas college rejected a Nigerian man on account of Ebola, forgetting that there's been more recent Ebola in Texas than Nigeria.

EVERYBODY IS MISERABLE. Spencer Hall visited a Michigan game.

ONE DAY, I HOPE IOWA STATE MAKES THESE. Best Royals hoodie ever.

THE ANTI-BARTMAN. Royals fans not only didn't interfere with Mike Moustakas, they pretty much caught him.

DOCKETT HATING. Darnell Dockett has some advice for Joseph Randle.

WHY APOLOGIZE? Jeremy Guthrie apologizes for wearing an awesome shirt.

BETTER THAN LEBRON. Gordon Hayward makes a big claim.