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The Mid-Morning Dump - 10/16/14

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MOOBS. Georges Niang got the motivation for his weight loss from a dickish tweet.

MEDIA DAY RECAP. Cyclones.TV has all that went down at the Sprint Center.

ONE ON ONE WITH DREAMY. Fred Hoiberg gets interviewed by Campus Insiders at Big 12 media day.

MIDTERMS ARE DUE. Mark Mangino and Wally Burnham assess their respective units at the halfway point.

INCOMPARABLE. Fran Fraschilla says that no player will ever be bigger than Fred Hoiberg at Iowa State.

OLD MAN. Fred Hoiberg says Dustin Hogue won't do the dunk contest because he's old, while Hogue contends that he's just trying to give someone else a chance to win.

THIS WEEK IN TCU. The Frogs might have gotten hosed by Big 12 refs, and they got pretty angry in This Week In Schadenfreude.

BASKETBALL REDUX. One basketball, 87 movies. It's mesmerizing.

HOUSE PARTY! Paul Rudd is having a house party at his mom's place to celebrate the Royals going to the World Series. I'm there if Fountain Lady is invited.

STOP THE FAPPING. This Dear Prudence letter just doesn't seem possible.

LEAVE JAMEIS ALONE! Brian Floyd writes that chasing the autograph scandal is completely ridiculous.

BREAKING MADDEN. The highlight of this week's Breaking Madden is probably the "worst thing you've ever done" tweets.