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The Mid-Morning Dump - 10/17/14

ALL HAIL 3SUS. The holy son Nazareth is profiled by Cyclone Sidebar.

PREGAME WITH BARKING CARNIVAL. You should read the Pregamer, because it's awesome and notes the oddity of having a black Tad and white Jevohn.

ONE YEAR LATER. A year after getting tossed into the fire and getting burned (but at least not his knees destroyed) by Texas' Mike Davis, Nigel Tribune is feeling much more comfortable.

STATS THAT MATTER. A rundown of stats that will matter in the Iowa State-Texas matchup.

WRESTLING PREVIEW. Cyclone Sidebar previews the wrestling season.

#11. Iowa State is ranked #11 on Bloody Elbow's college wrestling rankings.

THAT TATTOO. Austin Pettis explains his awesome Mighty Ducks tattoo.

ISHIKAWA WINS IT. The 2014 pennant winning home run set to the audio of the one from 1951 is pretty cool.

WE'RE UP TO SIX BEERS NOW. Madison Bumgarner is going to run out of hand real estate if the Giants keep winning. Meanwhile, Katie Nolan tries to actually drink six beers at once.

D2, WHERE SWEET CATCHES HAPPEN. Colorado School of Mines player makes a catch through his defender.

KEY AND PEELE TACKLE CONCUSSIONS. "Somebody stole our horns!"

SOCCER BRAWL. Low level Argentinian soccer loves to start some fights.

RIO FERDINAND'S MISCONDUCT. I don't know about you, but I found Rio Ferdinand's reply to a hate tweet far more hilarious than inappropriate.