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The Mid-Morning Dump -10/20/14

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HILTON MADNESS A HIT. Over 8,100 Cyclones fans attended what is sure to be the first annual Hilton Madness event.  Anthony Zilis has a recap.

ALL THE MADNESS HYPE VIDEOS.  First from the Register.  And another from the Tribune.

A DIFFERENT GEORGES. Mr. Niang looks a lot different, and is looking to be different on the court, too.

TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES. Broadcast problems cost Cyclones.TV subscribers the first half of the Texas game.

WE DIDN'T LIKE THE FIRST QUARTER ANYWAY. Bobby LaGesse' gives us his game wrap up.

FIVE LESSONS. Cyclones Confidential takes us to school.

THERE'S SOMETHING ABOUT TEXAS. Aaron Wimberly breaks off his first hundred plus yard game since... Texas?

CIRCULAR FIRING SQUAD. Baylor and Oklahoma both take losses.  Could the Wizard be playoff bound?

BROTHERS FROM ANOTHER MOTHER. Morgantown riots after the Baylor beat.  Who knew the Big XII could manufacture such perfect rivalries?

MAYBE POLLARD HAD A POINT? After getting a boost against TCU, Baylor gets to feel the backhand of Referee Karma.

WE'RE #11! In wrestling.  Cyclones Sidebar weighs in, too.

THE RIGHT CALL. Florida State beat Notre Dame on a controversial offensive pass interference call, but it was the correct call.

NOT EVEN SURE HOW THIS WORKS. The Rams completely faked out the Seahawks on this punt return.

COMPLETELY BONKERS. Liverpool and QPR's last 8 minutes was absolutely nuts.

A VERY PITBULL THANKSGIVING. He's coming to your TV on Turkey Day!