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The Mid-Morning Dump - 10/21/14

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IT'S CLICKING. The Mangino offense may finally have clicked for the offensive players on Saturday.

THE OUTBURST. Kirk Haaland details just how insane of an offensive performance it was for the Cyclones in Austin.

ON THE OTHER HAND... Let's look at the final two passes by Texas to snatch victory.

FOILED BY OTZ. Malik Dime chose Washington over Iowa State yesterday, leaving the 2015-16 frontcourt pretty bare with only Niang, McKay and Tsalmpouris back, and Darien Williams coming in.

SEEKING TITLES. Kyven Gadson and Mike Moreno are in search of individual national titles this season.

ALMOST THERE. Tanner Weatherman is looking to get past the All-American barrier that has eluded him the past two seasons.

BLESSED BY 3SUS. The women's basketball team is reigning beyond the 3 point stripe.

ON TV! Iowa State volleyball will host Kansas in a prime time matchup on ESPNU.

COMMITTEE PROBLEMS. Nine problems with the playoff selection committee.

THE SECRET TO SUCCESS. The Royals had to kick their "Clash of Clans" addiction so they could be this good.

WILLIE BEAMEN STYLE. I hope the playcall wasn't a dive up the middle.

LOW BLOW. In Tennessee, comparing political candidates to Lane Kiffin is the ultimate insult.

SHAKE IT OFF. The B1G mascots did a music video to Taylor Swift's awful song, and Sparty is the only likable one left by the end.

NOBODY KNOWS WHO AUSTIN DAVIS IS. Opposing players, security guards, you name it... nobody knows who is starting at QB for the Rams these days.

1 AM MATCHES. To combat the high temps, World Cup matches might be played at 1 AM in Qatar.