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The Mid-Morning Dump - 10/22/14

IOWA STATE, WE HAVE A KICKER NOW. Cole Netten is blasting himself into the Iowa State record books with his perfect (so far) performance this year.

ONE PLAY. An added play was the difference between Saturday's Wimberly masterpiece and the horrible rushing performances the rest of the year.

LAZARD/RICHARDSON LIKE THE PROGRESS. Sam and Allen talk about how far the offense and their chemistry has come since the beginning of the year.

A PREVIEW FROM TEXAS. Oh my god, the alternate timeline of McDermott-ball at Iowa State is terrifying in Barking Carnival's preview of Iowa State basketball.

MORE JACK TRICE STUFF! A former teammate of Jack Trice's kept a lot of memorabilia from those days of football, and as usual, Kagavi unearthed them.

BREAKING MADDEN TALKS HORRIBLE JOBS. There are some pretty damn awful stories of people's worst shifts in here.

THAT WAS POINTLESS. SI's big story on Oklahoma State was basically a big pile of wasted time.

OREGON SEEMS FUN. Sweet uniforms AND they play beer pong in the stands.

THIS WENT POORLY. Weather or dead body? Let's hope this KC TV station learns to play that game better in the future.

BEST TIP EVER. Sometimes you get a shitty tip, other times you get World Series tickets.

REFUND! Sunderland was embarrassed 8-0 this weekend, so the players refunded the fans who went to the game.