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The Mid-Morning Dump - 10/23/14

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BIBBS4PRESIDENT. John Walters with a full feature on the humble but talented E.J. Bibbs.

HIS QB ISN'T BAD EITHER. Sam Richardson is on pace to break the single season passing TD record at Iowa State, which is depressingly low at 20.

SHORT MEMORY. Part of Sam's maturation revolves around the fact he no longer dwells on the mistakes he makes.

WE'LL TRY ANYTHING. Jarvis West is still suffering from his foot injury, and the staff has been racking their brains trying to figure out how to alleviate West's pain.

DEPTH, FINALLY. Kevin Jackson has the best depth on the wrestling team that he's ever had.

TIGHT WIN ON ESPNU. The volleyladies made it look sketchy, but ultimately came out on top in a win against Kansas on national TV.

EXTINCTION IS COMING. This Week In Schadenfreude features our collective testicle pain.

CASH MONEY LONGHORNS. Under the new rules (read: if the NCAA loses all lawsuits), Texas would start giving student athletes a 10,000 stipend.

NICE PASS! Stephen Curry doesn't need your charity, but he'll take it anyway.

HORRIFIC PENALTY. This might be the worst penalty kick you'll see.

ONE TOUCH VOLLEY. On the other hand, this is just absurd touch from Cristiano Ronaldo.

THANKING THE OL. DeMarco Murray bought iMacs for his entire offensive line.

ATLANTA KNOWS GEOGRAPHY. London isn't in Spain.

BIEBER MIGHT NOT BE BAD AT HOCKEY. He scores a nice goal in a pickup with horrible skaters, but that trademark Canadian humbleness is nowhere to be found.