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Betting the Big XII: Week 9

In betting, there is no BYE Week.

Well, that was a weekend I would sooner forget. First, the early games happened. From a betting perspective I could not have been more wrong with my predictions. Well, technically, thanks to Kansas, I could have.

Then, I pirate a feed for the LHN broadcast from an associate in Texas so I would be able to watch the game. Living in Nevada, I had no opportunity to watch it on Cyclones.TV, but from my understanding at least for the first half this was not a bad thing. Unfortunately, I was able to tune in early for their pre game show. If you weren't unfortunate enough to watch, the stage was set up identically to ESPN's College Game Day set with the exception that it was actually inside the stadium and Texas was EVERYWHERE. I now see where the SEC Network got their blueprints.

Earlier in the day I had agreed to watch the game on our 6.9" tablet instead of streaming the program up to our 60" LED TV. This would enable my wife (who hates sports) and I to sit and enjoy an evening together on the couch while each watching their own programming. Her program of choice was The Voice; a show I cannot stand to listen to for more than five consecutive seconds without wanting to tear the ears from my head.

Now I had a choice to make. Do I listen to a bunch of Texas Alum fellate everything Texas, or do I instead watch a muted feed and listen to a group of less than talented fame seekers "battle" their way through horrible renditions of today's already awful music?

I opened a bottle of Templeton Rye and chose Ricky and the gang. Fortunately, the pain did not last for long and I was well cushioned for the kick that ended the game.

Week 8 Results

Baylor 27 - West Virginia 41

Bet Baylor -8/$22 (L)

Cash - $0

West Virginia's most meaningful win since joining the Big XII was apparently cause for celebration. I did not join them in their revelry.

K-State 31 - Oklahoma 30

Bet OU -7/$22 (L)

Cash - $0

Oklahoma is not who we thought they were.

Kansas 21 - Texas Tech 34

Bet TTU -13/$22 (push)

Cash - $22

I'm not sure if I should thank Kansas or curse Texas Tech for this push.

Oklahoma State 9 - TCU 42

Bet OSU +10/$22 (L)

Cash - $0

Wait. What?

Iowa State 45 - Texas 48

Bet ISU Moneyline/$20 (L)

Cash - $0

Sometimes, even when you play a great game, the better team wins.

Iowa 31 - Maryland 38

Maryland -4.5 (W)

This made me happy. Does that mean it was my Super Bowl?

Virginia 13 - Duke 20

Virginia -2.5 (L)

Fine, Duke, you win. You're good at football. I am bad at sports betting. You are good looking, I am only marginally attractive to women. Happy?

Cincinnati 41 - Southern Methodist University 3

Cincinnati -13.5 (W)

You complete me, SMU.

To the Games:

Texas @ Kansas State - Saturday, October 25th @ 11:00 AM - ESPN

Line - KSU -10

O/U - 48.5

Texas is improving. I all but guarantee they win their games against Texas Tech and Oklahoma State. Considering they get West Virginia at home three additional wins is not unrealistic. That is enough to send them to a bowl game. Surprise either K-State or TCU, and they could find themselves going to a bowl game their fans would actually travel to. From what I saw on Saturday, that is completely plausible. You can argue all you want that our coaches screwed the pooch on that last drive, but I don't see how you can laud one offensive staff (Mangino) and group of players (ISU) for their success and fail to give the same credit to the other team. Could we have called things differently to potentially force overtime? Sure, but hindsight is 20/20 and their coaching staff gambled and their offense made some incredible plays when it mattered most.

K-State hasn't needed a mid season surge to gain the eyeballs of the nation. They have played extremely well (with the exception of Iowa State and of course Auburn) all season long, scoring an average of 39 points per game. Also, any time you can go into Norman and leave with a victory against a Bob Stoops team, you have my respect.

Texas, as well as they seem to be playing, has not beaten K-State in Manhattan since 2002. That stat is a little misleading considering they have only played three times in Aggieland over the past 12 years, but a stat that is a little more convincing is the fact that they have only beaten K-State, home or away, once since 2003 breaking a five game losing streak last season.

So, what to make of this? K-State is playing well. Texas is playing well. K-State has talent. Texas has talent.  Iowa State provided a road map on how to attack one of the nation's strongest secondary units. K-State has a good quarterback so I'm confident they'll put up some points. The question is can Texas' newly discovered offense keep pace with them? They may not have the firepower to win, but I think this could be another high scoring affair.

My Bet - Over 48.5/$22

West Virginia @ Oklahoma State - Saturday, October 25th @2:30 PM - ESPN

Line - OSU -1

O/U 65

How in the hell is Oklahoma State favored in this game after the complete and utter humiliation they received at the hands of TCU's football team? The strangest part is this line opened at OSU -4. What an absolute insult to Dana Holgorsen's team, themselves coming off one of the biggest wins in school history and certainly since joining the Big XII. I've sat here and tried to figure it out. I need to understand. It looks like a gift. A full size Snickers bar left unattended on the teacher's desk. The teacher stepped out for a smoke break. Surely they won't know who took it even though you're the only one that was still in the classroom when they left. Do it. Take the candy then run, run, run for the bathroom where you can lock yourself inside the handicap stall providing ample space to savor your stolen treat.

Seriously. It's one point. Take it before the teacher comes back.

My Bet - WVU +1/$110

Texas Tech @ TCU - Saturday, October 25th @ 2:30 PM - FOX

Line - TCU -23

O/U 72

I wonder if this is how non Cyclone fans feel about our weekly matchups. Every week I come across Texas Tech and feel complete and utter ambivalence towards their program, their institution and their fan base in general. If I had to choose a side, I would certainly be anti-Tech, mostly because a guy I worked for graduated from TTU and was the biggest arrogant asshat douche nozzle I've ever encountered. But, outside of that I just really don't give a shit.

TCU, on the other hand, I sort of like; again with no real substance behind my feeling. Perhaps it is because I love the underdog in most college athletics, and thought it was the biggest screw job in the world when the BCS selection committee paired Boise State and TCU together in the 2009 Fiesta Bowl. They got it right a year later, when they got their chance against the B1G Champ Wisconsin in the 2011 Rose Bowl and TCU showed they belonged in the annual discussion of top teams. That was, of course, until they joined the Big XII.

Much has been said and written about TCU's (along with West Virginia's) struggle to find a competitive home in the nation's deepest (you heard me SEC homers) conference but this year they appear to be finding their groove. Tech, on the contrary, has been douching their way back to mediocrity since they fired Leach for picking on the King of the Fuckwads' son, Adam James.

You know what, upon further review, to Hell with Tech. TCU is primed for a letdown game, it's coming, but I'm not allowing them to have that game this week. Not against Taco Tech.

My Bet - TCU -23/$110

Best of the Rest

South Carolina @ Auburn

Auburn -19

I'm not sure if you've been paying attention, but the SEC East is absolutely awful this year, almost reminiscent of the declining years of the Big XII when Iowa State was vying for North Division titles. Teams from the West should pound their eastern brethren and that includes this game. If not, then you deserve no second seat at the championship table.

Memphis @ SMU

Memphis -23

I'm done providing reasons you should pick against SMU. Just do it already and understand that next week, provided they are playing a game (they are), they will be on here again. SMU is that bad. And I love them for it.

LSU @ Mississippi

Ol Miss -3.5

LSU this season deserves not a ranking. A prediction that Ol' Miss will give them a spanking. The location of battle matters little to me. I'm positive the Rebels win by much more than three.

If I'm wrong, so be it, money means little to me. As long as they win and not lose by three. I don't want to watch two SEC schools, get selected to play by committee fools.

Please enjoy responsibly.