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The Mid-Morning Dump - 10/24/14

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PREVIEW SHOW. The previews from Cyclones.TV for the men's and women's basketball teams.

FINAL FOUR MENTION. Reid Forgrave sucks up to his inlaws by picking Iowa State to be a Final Four team.

THEM TRANSFERS AGAIN. Fred Hoiberg's Cyclones are featured by SBNation's countdown at #11.

SURGERY? WHY NOT? Hallice Cooke is already taking a redshirt year, so he figures he might as well get some surgery.

FORM IS LESS IMPORTANT THAN CONFIDENCE. Dustin Hogue reveals that Fred Hoiberg's shooting advice is less than textbook.

HEALTH IS THE GOAL. The big focus during the bye week is for the entire team to get healthy.

EVERYBODY STORMS! Mike Rutherford talks storming the court before everyone gets all elitist about it.

PEYTON HATES HIS SCOREBOARD OPERATOR. Stop all the hyping up of the crowd, guy!

BREAKING MADDEN GOES FOR 511 TDS. In the quest to break Peyton Manning's record, perhaps the most notable thing is how awful Madden thinks Peyton is as a kicker.

FOOTBALL PROBLEMS. One day is all it took for a high school football player to get his teacher fired.

RABONA GOAL! It seems like actually having a functional right foot would be better, but thanks to Erik Lamela's lack of one, we have a beautiful rabona goal to watch.