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The Mid-Morning Dump - 10/27/14

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WE BEAT BYE. After a disappointing showing in our last match up in which Brett Medders went down with an ACL, this time we survived our meeting with those bastards from BYE.  Too bad our friends to the east couldn't say the same.

OUR LIVERS THANK YOU. Fox Sports 1 sets OU vs. ISU for their 11:00am slot.

LIKE PEAS AND CARROTS. Netten and Fischer got the band back together and the results have been fantastic.

THE ZEN OF CHIEF. Sam Richardson is learning how to look past failure, and it seems to be working.

DON'T GO TO ANY TROUBLE ON OUR ACCOUNT. TCU erases a stain in the record books for us and, in the process, exceeded their own expectations.

SPEAKING OF ERASING STAINS. The Wizard hits a milestone at KSU to counter the millstone the program carried when he started.

APPARENTLY YOU CAN TAKE THE HILLBILLY OUT OF THE HILLS. The 'Eers take their show on the road to Oklahoma State and prove they can win games on the road.  And on the ground. Crap.

THIS ISN'T CURLING. Cyclones Men's Hockey sweeps #13 Michigan-Dearborn.

WORKING TOWARDS FORGIVENESS? Mateen Cleaves has been a great mentor to Monte Morris.

WELL THAT'S ENOUGH OF THAT. The Steelers ruin throwback uniforms for everybody forever.  And Ben Roethlisberger ruins passing records for everybody forever.

OH, HEY, BASEBALL IS STILL ON. The Giants took the weekend pair to send the Series back to KC.

BUT NOT FOR ALL. Cardinals outfielder Oscar Taveras dies in a car accident. RIP.

OH, HEY, NBA BASKETBALL IS ALMOST HERE. SB Nation previews the upcoming season.  Spoiler Alert: NBA2K15 spent a lot of money on ads.

BUT NOT FOR ALL. Steve Nash is out for the season with back trouble.