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The Mid-Morning Dump - 10/29/14

RELIVING THE NIGHTMARE. Brent Blum looks back the horrors of the 2002 game.

UNDERSTATEMENT OF THE YEAR. Paul Rhoads is seeking defensive improvements.

THANK GOD FOR THAT CURVEBALL. E.J. Bibbs focused on football as a child because his dad beaned him with a baseball.

FAMILY BUSINESS. The Farniok family talks about having rooting interests in Norman and Ames.

MORE SMARTERER THAN LAST YEAR! The cross country crew had 3 more Big 12 academic first team honorees than last year.

PLAYOFF'S ON. As it stands now, the college football playoff is basically restricted to a very small section of America.

2 MORE GAMES FOR GURLEY. Todd Gurley will end up missing four games for his part in the autograph scandal.

HUMBLELOSS. The Giants are telling us we're all welcome for them losing in such close fashion to set up a Game 7.

MICHAEL JACKSON VENTURA. Yordana Ventura makes the play and celebrates smoothly in one motion.

FAT MAN IN A LITTLE SHIRT. Guy finds his Royals 1985 World Series shirt and wears it now.

AGGIE THROWBACK. Texas A&M is bringing back leather helmets, sort of.

GWU'S GOT YOU HANDLED. George Washington University is taking care of a girl who is devastated she won't get to meet our first President.

COOL TRIBUTE. The Cardinals left the right field lights on in honor of Oscar Taveras.

GOALASO! Ok, not really at all.