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The Mid-Morning Dump - 10/3/14

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NIANG AND BDJ HONORED. Bryce DeJean-Jones picks up Iowa State's zillionth straight newcomer of the year award while Georges Niang makes the first team in Big 12 preseason awards.

WELL, WHEN YOU PUT IT THAT WAY... Cowboys Ride For Free looks at the stats and why their school should crush ours.

BOLD PREDICTIONS. In completely unshocking news, a lot of #CRFFBoldPredictions center around alcohol.

Q&A. Dan answered some questions (of course some about beer) from Robert Whetsell at CRFF.

THE OTHER MEDIA DAY. Women's basketball had a media day yesterday, and here's a recap from John Walters.

LIFE AFTER HALLIE. What is life without Hallie Christofferson going to be like for Iowa State?

A BIT MORE COMFORTABLE NOW. Jauan Wesley was "scared to death" during his first action, but he's feeling a lot better this week.

NO CUT SPORTS, MAYBE. Steven Leath is hopeful that Iowa State's budget can handle the full cost of attendance changes in scholarships.

UPSET WATCH. Is Baylor or Oklahoma more ripe for an upset?

HOW ABOUT DEM APPLES, MICHIGAN? Rich Rodriguez's Arizona pulled off the huge upset over Oregon, perhaps in large part thanks to Pac 12 refs, showing again that he's a master builder.

SO MUCH AWESOME. The Wildcat upset featured a dickblock, some Duck Hunt references, and an Oregon receiver taking his frustration out by.. being helpful?

FANDOM BY ZIPCODE. The New York Times laid our rooting interests into a map sorted by zipcode.