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The Mid-Morning Dump - 10/30/14

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STAYING AHEAD OF THE CHAINS. Kirk Haaland investigates how keeping third down manageable has helped the offense.

BIGGER IS BETTER. Receivers with height is a new concept for the Cyclones, and it's boosted the passing game immensely.

DIRTY 30 COACH DEAD. Clay Stapleton, one of the best coaches in Iowa State history, passed away yesterday.

DEFINE "PUBLIC". Florida State decided to practice at a public park, but was annoyed about media showing up.

SEASON OPENER. Iowa State will start their season this weekend at the Kaye Young open.

NO CHUG. Madison Bumgarner won the World Series MVP, and didn't chug even a single beer.

WOULD HE HAVE MADE IT? The big debate is if Alex Gordon would have been able to score an inside-the-park home run to tie the game.

SAN MORGANFRISCOTOWN. Giants fans celebrated the World Series by burning couches.

THE NHL, SPONSORED BY SESAME STREET. Jason Chimera's nose, brought to you by the number 7.

AT LEAST HE'S GOT HIS SENSE OF HUMOR. Joseph Randle's arrest video featured him having a lot of fun with the cops.

ILL-ADVISED. NBA players probably wish they could take back some of these tweets.

THIS IS A SURPRISE. In your completely unrelated to sports link of the day, T-Pain sings without auto-tune and... doesn't suck?