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The Mid-Morning Dump - 10/6/14

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IF FOR SOME REASON, YOU HAVEN'T SEEN THIS YET. Jamie Pollard in all his angry glory.

A NARROWISH ESCAPE. Oklahoma Staters are feeling fortunate about that instant replay.

DONATION JAR! Perfect Games is donating to Jamie Pollard's cause.

MAKE MORE PLAYS. Randy Peterson talks about overcoming bad calls.

AND THEY STILL BLEW IT? The Cyclones knew Oklahoma State would try a hybrid onside kick.

THE STORY BY THEM BY US. Cowboys Ride For Free sums up the game with commentary from Iowa State fans.

BIBBS GETTING PROPS. E.J. Bibbs broke out in a big way on Saturday, resulting in the CFPA TE of the week award.

MORE IMPROVEMENT. Steve Malchow points to stats that show the Cyclones are continuing to improve despite a 1-4 record.

NIANG'S PREVIEW. The svelte Georges Niang previews Iowa State's season.

A VOLLEYBALL WIN! Iowa State got its first conference volleyball win, defeating West Virginia 3-1.

TCU IS HAPPY. With an upset of Oklahoma, TCU fans were very justified in their happiness. It was partially helped by their use of camouflage.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL PERRYDAY. Katy Perry partook in Ole Miss-Alabama festivities, and she was pretty awesome at it.

STRONG FART GAME. P.K. Subban says he farts in front of the net to distract opponents.

EBOLA JOKE GONE WRONG. The Jaguars tried to make fun of Terrible Towels with Ebola.

JACKSONVILLE IS A WEIRD PLACE. Dudes with jeans in pools.

THANKS, TRENT MADDEN. Trent Dilfer's secret to NFL success is pretty amazing.

KILLJOY. Cowboys player doesn't like your fumble recovery celebration.