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The Mid-Morning Dump - 10/7/14

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POLLARD PUNISHMENT. Jamie Pollard was handed the biggest fine in the history of the Big 12 for his remarks on officiating.

LOTH APOLOGIZES TOO. Ben Loth's angry tweet required an apology from the injured backup center.

THAT SCHEDULE IS JUST A BIT TOUGH. Iowa State's opponent winning percentage is pretty damn impressive, fact that Paul Rhoads hopes has strengthened his team.

TOGETHER AGAIN. Dustin Hogue and Jameel McKay are back together on the court this season, and they couldn't be happier. Hearing Hogue call last year's Sweet 16 season "falling short" is pretty indicative of just how high expectations are for the players.

#LIBEROU. Iowa State's new libero Caitlin Nolan is also winning Big 12 defensive player of the week honors, following in Kristen Hahn's footsteps.

MISSISSIPPI RISING. How did Mississippi turn into the center of the college football universe?

BAMA CRAZINESS. Alabama lost, which resulted in this Tide fan throwing stuff and getting demolished by a security officer. Then crazy Tide fans had to call in to Finebaum .

MORE HOKE PROBLEMS. I guess it helps when you have 11 on the field to defend a punt return.

THIS IS QUITE THE FALL FROM GRACE. Florida's Treon Harris went from the savior to suspended alleged rapist in the span of 48 hours.

WHY THE HELL NOT? Sure, she might have jinxed him, but that's no reason not to call Katy Perry when she asks you to, Trevor Knight.

HOCKEY VS. SPEED SKATING. Would one of the fastest NHL players beat an Olympic champion speed skater in a short race?

HOCKEY RAINMAN. Steven Stamkos is a pretty damn good hockey player, but if not, he could easily be rainman.

MORE PROBLEMS FOR PETERSON. Adrian Peterson is in more hot water with reports out that he used charity money to fund orgies.

POUTINE UPSET! The world poutine eating championship was won by Americans. Their prize is this sweet trophy (and heart disease).

OPEN BAR, DUDES! Eric Hosmer made it open bar for fans celebrating the Royals' sweep in the P&L.