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Big 12 Power Rankings: Week 7

TCU beating OU, Kansas being Kansas, and tiny Kingsbury. See where they all stack up in this week's Big 12 power rankings.

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Week 7 power rankings are here, and things are shaking up in the Big 12:

1. Baylor (5-0, 2-0 Big 12) - Baylor is Baylor is Baylor, and this year that happens to be a good thing. Yeah, they didn't blow Texas out like most people thought they would, but they still won convincingly and that is all that matters. An argument could be made that TCU belongs at number one, but until Baylor loses (which they will) I'm going to leave them here.

2. TCU (4-0, 1-0) - Well, TCU, you finally belong in the Big 12. I have to admit that I never really thought you would be as good as you are so fast, but it happened. I'm going to go ahead and put you at number two right now for knocking off a good Oklahoma team. However you did play them at your home, and I'm pretty sure if the roles were reversed you would be on the losing end of the battle. TCU has the potential to win the conference this year, but they won't. They will be number 3 in the conference when all is said and done.

3. Oklahoma (4-1, 1-1) - That sucks Oklahoma, you had all the hopes and dreams of going to the first BCS playoff this year, but now it doesn't look like that is going to happen. I guess it is still possible, but you're going to have to do more than you did this last weekend if you want that to be possible. For some reason I can't help but think that Oklahoma finishes number 1 and still doesn't get into the BCS playoff, hopefully I'm wrong.

4. Kansas State (4-1, 2-0 ) - Kansas State is only ranked below Oklahoma because they played Texas Tech last weekend instead of TCU. However, KSU is looking really good, and they manhandled Tech 45-13. But is that really that big of an accomplishment? Texas Tech looks like dog shit right now. Well, except for their coach, at least their coach looks good.

Bold prediction: Snyder, now 75, dies before and is buried at the 50 yard line, which creates a bump at midfield which the players have to hurdle. The wizard lives on, consta-fucking the cyclones as a buried corpse.

5. Oklahoma State (4-1, 2-0) - Oklahoma State, first of all, congrats on the win against us last week. You guys played well enough in the second half to pull away and get the "W".

6. West Virginia (1-1, 3-2) - You won against KU, like you should have.

7. Iowa State (0-3, 1-4) - Homer pick here. Even though the Cyclones haven't won a Big 12 game this year, they are better than our record. They have played one of the hardest schedules in the nation (and Big 12) so far this year and the record reflects that. They'll still win a few games this year, starting with Toledo this coming weekend. They should kill Toledo, and you can thank Jamie Pollard for that. Our team is beyond frustrated right now, and they will take it out on Toledo. Please for the love of god, take it out on Toledo, please.

8. Texas (1-1, 2-3) - Texas, I have to put you at number 8, but I do think you finish above Iowa State at the end of the year. Iowa State and Texas are very close to being the same team at this point (we even lost to Baylor by 21 like you). Oklahoma is going to piss pound you because they are angry with losing to TCU, and I'm going to laugh the whole time. And I'm going to laugh, until we play you and lose.

9. Texas Tech (0-2, 2-3) - This picture says it all:

Kliff Kingsbury has the coaching prowess of a toddler.

For some reason I can't kick the feeling that KU finishes above Tech this year, even with their coaching change.

10.) Dog Shit

11.) Jamie Pollards Fine ($25,000) Jamie, I actually appreciated what you did on Saturday. I don't think it came off as overly whiny, though you did leave it up in the air for interpretation. Something needed to be said about the consistency of officiating, and you did it. That takes a lot of balls, which brings me to my next rating:

12.) Cindy Self's Testicles:

I mean, she has to have them right? I can see why Self cheated.

13.) Kansas (0-2, 2-3) - Kansas losses again, do I have to do a power ranking for them? No one really cares about Kansas football do they?

14.) Big 12 Officiating - Seriously, you are worse than KU and that says a lot. Something needs to be done about the current situation in the Big 12. I'm not going to say that we win the game against Oklahoma State on Saturday, most likely we still don't. But when an athletic director decides that it's a good idea to call you out, there is most likely something wrong with the officiating. And it's not just bad for Iowa State, there have been plenty of horrid calls in the Big 12 in general, and something needs to be done about it. Even Mike Leach thinks what Jamie Pollard did was right.