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The Mid-Morning Dump - 10/8/14

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KEYS FOR THE SEASON. Iowa State's depth management is featured by Andy Katz as the key to their season.

COFFEE ISN'T FOR THE CYCLONES. Kirk Haaland looks at the trend inflicting the Cyclones: a lack of ability to close halves.

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Noted defender of officials Brent Blum surprisingly does not have the officials' back after last Saturday.

BILL CONNELLY DOESN'T. Everybody is bad, in this week's Numerical. Bill also notes that the Oklahoma State call wasn't that bad.

WIN NOW, HUG LATER. Louis Ayeni isn't concerned with nostalgia when playing against Toledo. He just wants a win.

LEACH IS A CYCLONE. Mike Leach, no stranger to ref-hating, came to the defense of Jamie Pollard.

MALCHOW HAS A CRUSH. Steve Malchow pens an entire entry on how awesome Kamari Cotton-Moya is.

THEY KNOW US SO WELL. There's no need to drink responsibly if you're a Cyclone fan.

CROWDFUNDING. Ole Miss is (successfully) raising money for new goalposts and to pay their SEC fine.

BLING BLING. The LA Kings might have gone a bit overboard on their Stanley Cup rings.

2KMONSTROSITY. NBA2K15 allows you to scan your face in, and the results have not been good.