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The Mid-Morning Dump - 10/9/14

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GOLD JERSEYS! Iowa State announced gold jerseys for Saturday's homecoming game.


DO WE HAVE ANY OL LEFT? Brock Dagel will miss the rest of the reason after undergoing knee surgery.

CAMPOS RELIED ON EVEN MORE. From backup right tackle to starting left tackle in less than a month.

HAPPY WHERE HE IS. Golden State confirms they talked to Fred Hoiberg and he seems to be very happy in Ames.

SHARPSHOOTING DUO. Clayton Custer and Matt Thomas talk about the upcoming season and of course, about Mayor McDreamy.

WE MADE IT AGAIN! Congrats, commentariat, we're like 3 for 5 for This Week In Schadenfreudes this season.

FIXING SPECIAL TEAMS. After a great start to the season, Iowa State's special teams are in search of answers due to a very poor performance against Oklahoma State.

BACK TO LOSING. Iowa State dropped a four set match to Kansas State.

TURN DOWN FOR WAFFLES. Come see the Red Raider dance!

TEXAS FATNESS. Fried brisket is just one of the items the Texas State Fair will feature.

#GRUDEN4MICHIGAN. Because 1984 Jon Gruden said so.

NO DEODORANT ZAMBONI. The Maple Leafs aren't allowed to use their sweet Right Guard zamboni attachment thingy.

AWFUL SELFIE. Danny Green has learned not to use "lol" and "#Holocaust" together.