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The Mid-Morning Dump - 11/10/14

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IT'S OK, KID, YOU CAN BE HONEST. Tristan Nickelson flipped his commitment from Iowa State to Texas, using the "it's not you, it's me" logic.

WE'VE MADE THE BIG TIME! Iowa State football makes USA Today's misery rankings.

BACK TO ON THE BALL. Monte Morris is looking forward to the ball being in his hands more this season.

EXHIBITIONS OVER FOR BASKETBALL. The women closed out their slate with a 64-29 win over Winona State.

ANOTHER SWEEP. Iowa State volleyball is on a roll, sweeping West Virginia over the weekend.

DEAD LAST. You knew it was coming, but seeing Iowa State dead last in the Big 12 power rankings still hurts.

TCU VS. BAYLOR. Comparing the playoff cases for the two Big 12 leaders.

LOLBEARS. The Packers destroyed the Bears, going up 42-0 before halftime, and it was highlighted by Jay Cutler throwing a pick off his own player's head. Or the Packers punting for the Bears.

HATING ON DAVE. A former UNLV player (Not BDJ) takes a dump on Dave Rice's coaching.

SO BAD. Utah's Kaelin Clay cost his team dearly with a Chad Johnson type mistake.

FUCK YOU, WE WON! UConn wins the conference in soccer, and celebrates accordingly.

LOSE WITH DIGNITY? No way, say the Steelers.