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The Mid-Morning Dump - 11/12/14

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TARP? The south hillsides will be closed for the final two home games of the season.

BUT TICKET SALES ARE GOOD? Iowa State is pleased with sales of its south end zone club level packages.

MAYBE FRED CAN BRING HOME SOME FOOTBALL PLAYERS. The Cyclones will play in the Emerald Coast Classic next year.

WILLIAMS IS IN FULL PREP. Darien Williams is rehabbing his shoulder and putting himself on a diet to prepare for next year.

GODDAMN YOU BLUM. Thanks for ensuring the HoiBoner never goes down, Brent.

HE'S SO SADLY RIGHT. Clint Bowen defends his fans tearing down the goalposts after beating Iowa State.

PROJECTING THE PLAYOFF TEAMS. Probabilities for each team's final record.

AT LEAST THERE'S KIRK'S CONTRACT. Talking about KF's contact in The Acrostical to make us feel a little better about Paul Rhoads'?

NO NETS.COM. Brooklyn doesn't care to pay for


DOUBLE HORRIBLE. When the song you're parodying is already horrible, making a team version isn't going to help.

DENNIS GREEN IS TYRONE BIGGUMS. If you listen to Randy Moss' impression, anyway.

WORST DEAL EVER. Gene Keady's combover cost him $600 a week. Is this real life?