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The Mid-Morning Dump - 11/13/14

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RICHARDSON SHOULD BE BACK. Sam Richardson is expected to be the starter against Texas Tech.

ANOTHER RECRUIT FLIPS. Xavier Pegues has switched from Iowa State to West Virginia.

JUST DARIEN. The Cyclone recruiting class of one finally signed his letter of intent with Iowa State.

STILL ROLLING. The volleyball team continues to win, this time taking down #24 Oklahoma in five sets.

TOP 15 CLASS. The women's basketball team rolled up an impressive recruiting haul with three big additions to the team, including a Canadian, because you know Naz was getting lonely without Melvin around.

WE MADE IT! Iowa State's mention in This Week In Schadenfreude is short but sweet.


TOSH DESTROYS ESPN. Say what you will about Daniel Tosh, but his Sport Science.0 segment was amazing.

LET'S STICK TO BASEBALL, CURT. Despite even the Pope now buying into evolution, Curt Schilling remains unconvinced.

METTA REMAINS CRAZY. The artist formerly known as Ron Artest wore panda sneakers during a game.

MUMPS? The Anaheim Ducks have a case of mumps going around. Next up is cholera.

THEY'RE BOTH TALL AND WHITE. Chandler Parsons gets mistaken for Dirk at Starbucks.

IT'S BECAUSE LJ BROUGHT THAT IOWA STATE LUCK. Stephen White rails the Bucs-Falcons refs.