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Betting the Big XII: Week 12

We've got basketball here, too, folks!

Have you ever heard the story of the two bulls standing on top of a hill, gazing down upon a pasture full of cows in heat? No?

So, these two bulls were standing on top of a hill, gazing down upon a pasture full of cows in heat. The first bull, young and fresh to the mating ritual, turned to the other older bull, and said, "Let's run down this hill and screw us one of them cows!" The older bull, who had been in this same pasture the past ten seasons, gently turned to his grazing buddy and replied, "How bout we walk down the hill and mate them all."

This is a story a farmer told me during one of many summers I spent laboring in a hay loft growing up and it has always stuck with me. The message I took from his story, which l learned some years later came from the movie Colors, was to not rush into any situation too quickly or you may not achieve the entire objective.

Rushing down the hill may seem like the right thing to do and can provide some instant gratification, but often that approach is short sighted and costly. I prefer looking at the bigger picture.

Take a breath, look around, assess then act. The results are often much more rewarding.

Week 11 Results

Baylor 48 - Oklahoma 14

Bet $22/OU -6 (L)

Cash $0

What have you done for me lately, Bobby?

Iowa State 34 - Kansas 14

Bet $110/ISU -3.5 (L)

Cash $0

I, for one, feel we did something nice for Kansas fans. And, darn it, if anybody is deserving it is Jayhawk fans. You're welcome.

West Virginia 16 - Texas 33

Bet $22/WVU -3.5 (L)

Cash $0

I liked the struggling Texas team much better. On a positive; is WVU wearing down? Could we have a chance?

K-State 20 - TCU 41

Bet $22/TCU -6 (W)

Cash $42

Purple Reign

Week 11 Profit:                ($ 132.00)

Current Bank:    $ 1,075.00

Season Profit:   $ 675.00

To the games:

TCU @ Kansas - Saturday, November 15th @ 2:00 PM - FS1

Line - TCU -28

O/U 58

Did you know Kansas was 3-2 at home this season? Or that in their two losses (Texas, Oklahoma State), the Jayhawks did not allow more than 27 points to either opponent. While I'm not sure what we saw last weekend was more about Kansas' defense than Iowa State's inability to build offensive momentum behind a second string quarterback, playing at Kansas has been a relatively tough test all season long.

Kansas has a little bit of life left in it and is coming off a victory so sweet, it had to replace the goal posts this week. Does this mean I think TCU leaves Lawrence with anything short of an easy victory? Hardly, but TCU is playing only its second non ranked opponent since September and has to be beaten up and tired.

A lessor program would be on letdown alert coming off the emotional victory last weekend, but TCU is a Purple Train of Power and Pain at this point of the season, and Lawrence is just the next stop on the rail. I am fully on the TCU bandwagon and am actively cheering for them to remain one of the four championship contenders but I just don't see a lot of points being scored in this game.

My bet Under 58/$22

Oklahoma @ Texas Tech - Saturday, November 15th @2:30 PM - ESPN

Line OU -12.5

O/U 62.5

There are the have's and the have not's within the Big XII. Oklahoma showed Iowa State what it does to the have not's following a loss to the have's. Texas Tech has not shown me they are better than the bottom three.

I do not envy the Red Raider faithful this weekend. At least you get to travel north next Saturday to play a frigid Fall football game in Iowa. I know you Texas teams love having that on your schedule. Hey, here's a thought; com'on up to Ames we'll have some coco before the game, you let us slap you around the field a little bit then meet up for some warm drinks down at Whiskey River. We'll share the conference cellar with Kansas and everyone can happily move on to basketball seas...ohhhhhh.

Yeah, sorry.

My bet OU -12.5/$110

Texas @ Oklahoma State - Saturday, November 15th @ 6:30 PM - Fox

Line - Texas -2.5

O/U 47.5

Texas looks like a team that has finally discovered its potential. Beginning the season with dismissals and heavy handed disciple, most Longhorn fans were unsure of the product Charlie Strong would put on the field during his first year in charge. But, as it seems to happen recently, Texas found some footing during its matchup with Iowa State last month and have a 3-1 record since. They have the opportunity to end the season with a statement visiting Oklahoma State this weekend and getting TCU at home Thanksgiving night.

Oklahoma State has seen the exact opposite happen to their program after an early October matchup with the Cyclones. Since showing up late in Stillwater, OSU fans have been witness to a program win only two of its last five games. Those two wins were to Iowa State and Kansas, and since they've also already played Texas Tech, it is conceivable for the Pokes to lose the last six games of the season; this one included.

This line actually opened with OSU being a 1 point favorite but the bettors are betting against Oklahoma State and I see no reason for disagreement.

My bet Texas -2.5/$55

As promised, I purchased a prop bet on Iowa State to win the 2015 NCAA Men's Basketball National Championship. What is even better is I placed the bet getting 40:1 odds, meaning I could be toasting our team in April with a nice bottle of 25 year Macallan Speyside scotch.


As I noted in last week's edition, I am not a bettor of basketball. Unlike Football, I enjoy basketball when Iowa State is playing, but just don't follow it much outside of the Big XII. I'll watch the occasional Big Monday match up on ESPN if my wife happens to be involved in some other project, but I don't push the basketball agenda too much in my house.

That said; what the hell. Let's get weird.

Oakland @ Iowa State

Line - Iowa State -20

Oh, hell yea. After what I saw streaming through my laptop last weekend, I have no problem giving 20 to Oakland. I know nothing about Oakland, other than it is a crime infested cesspool that gave us MC Hammer and occasionally makes a cameo on Sons of Anarchy, but I feel like that is all I need to know.

I would probably take this giving 30. May not be smart, but I'd do it.

UC Santa Barbara @ Kansas

Line - KU -15.5

It gives me unwarranted pleasure to see Iowa State a bigger favorite in their home opener than Kansas.

KU by under 20? Sign me up.

North Dakota State @ Texas

Line - Texas -17

Too bad this wasn't football.

Taking the home favorite again because it's the first game of the season. You should win this one big...

Morehead State @ UNLV

Line - UNLV -7

...unless you're UNLV, which lost their second game of the season last year. This line actually dropped from 10.5 showing the locals have been paying attention. This is likely Dave Rice's last year if he doesn't at a minimum make the NCAA tournament. To do that, he needs convincing wins against the likes of Morehead State.

I'll give him a little credit in the Rebels' opening game and give the points.

Basketball, ya'll.