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The Mid-Morning Dump - 11/14/14

OH MELVIN, YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE. Melvin Ejim says the thing he misses most about America is Iowa State fans.

AH, DESPERATION. From hard to get to $17 bucks has been how this season has gone for ticket sales.

YEAH, NIANG! SB Nation's first team All-Americans include Mr. Georges Niang.

UNDERSTANDING 6-2. An explanation of the new 6-2 rotation used by the volleyball team.

MORE RECRUITS AFLIPPIN'. We're now up to three recruits flipping from Iowa State in the past week.

TOO MUCH HYPE? Bobby La Geese looks at if the expectations surrounding Iowa State basketball are too high.

CHILLING WITH JULO. Catching up with giant high school teacher Julius Michalik.

WAY TO GO WVU. All greek stuff is suspended at WVU after multiple incidents in Morgantown.

GAME OF THE CENTURY... 3? Mississippi State - Alabama preview!

POOR CHOICE, PATRIOTS. Looking at a user's handle before tweeting to him is probably a good idea.

WON BY HALFTIME. Losing by 59 isn't going to help those tanking accusations, Sixers.

FOOTBALL BY THE ARCTIC OCEAN. The Barrow, Alaska football team has a fascinating story and you should watch it.

BREAKING MADDEN HAS LOST CONTROL. Jon Bois cedes all control of Marshawn Lynch to random users.

TOO LARGE FOR A NAVIGATOR. What in the hell vehicle DOES Yao Ming fit into?

GOALAZO! Sorting out the candidates for FIFA's Goal Of The Year.