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The Mid Morning Dump - 11/17/14

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No football means no football loss hangover.

FINALLY LEARNED THE DEFINITION OF INSANITY. Can a new approach lead to different results for Cyclone Football?

CAN WE HAZ POST PLAYER? Freshman Fernstrom sets a record for first game scoring with 25.

FIVE THOUGHTS ON OAKLAND. Chris Williams gives us five thoughts from Friday night on that other Cyclone forum.  The amazing thing is that there are people capable of thinking over there.

GEORGIA STATE PREVIEW. Kevin Ware and Georgia State come to Hilton tonight.  Athlon has a preview.

BEES DON'T SCARE US. Cyclone Wrestling heads to the Beehive State and takes home wins in first duals meet.

STOOPS TO FLORIDA?  YES, PLEASE. ESPN's Big XII Morning Links throws out random names for the Florida job and gets our hopes up.

ROCK CHALK STRIKES FEAR IN THE HEARTS OF THE MIGHTY. KU played TCU to within four eroding any chance we may have had of capitalizing on their overconfidence.

CHICK-FIL-A IS A BIG DEAL. Northwestern players: more excited about Chick-Fil-A or beating Notre Dame?

AND HE'S NOT A CYCLONE? Todd Gurley's weird season ends early with an ACL tear.

IT'S NOT COLD OUT. Charlie Strong tells his Longhorns to man upThis Golden Gophers coach laughs.

I THOUGHT MCKAY WAS INELIGIBLE. Kansas State's Brandon Bolden delivers the kind of swat we're all looking forward to come December 20.  I'm looking forward to a dread full matchup come January.

BUT THIS @#&*$)# GUY. Oklahoma's TaShawn Thomas ruled immediately eligible by NCAA.

NOT AS INTERESTING AS A FIGHT. Kevin Harvick wins the NASCAR Sprint Cup Championship.