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The Mid-Morning Dump - 11/20/14

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Director's Cup

WE'RE EFFICIENT! Iowa State ranks in the top 25 for efficient use of sports funds.

Iowa State Football

NO BYES. Iowa State's 2015 football schedule is backloaded and goes wire to wire in conference season.

FEASTING ON TACOS? Can Aaron Wimberly and the rushing offense take advantage of Taco Tech's horrendous rush defense?

OR MAYBE THEY CAN JUST STEAL THEIR SIGNALS. Controversy abound in Waco as former defensive coordinator Matt Wallerstedt is accused of giving away Tech's secrets.

Iowa State Basketball

PATIENT ZERO. Diante Garrett talks about being Fred Hoiberg's first point guard, and in a total shocker, about how most of his highlights were from his senior and lone season with Fred Hoiberg.

SELF-SCOUTING. Kirk Haaland weighs in on what his impression of each player so far this season has been.

Iowa State Volleyball

WIN STREAK OVER. The Cyclones fell to Kansas in four sets on Wednesday night.

Around The Country

NOTRE DAME IS ON OUR LEVEL NOW! This Week In Schadenfreude features a comparison of Notre Dame to Iowa State.

TINSLEY-ESQUE. Brandon Knight botches a wide open layup to win the game.

SEAN MILLER IS OPEN! Arizona is running a six man offense.

BUFFALO IS CRAZY. Ralph Wilson Stadium is completely under snow. Also, here's a sweet look at how the blizzard looked rolling in.

GOOD SAMARITAN MODE! Marshawn Lynch went beast mode to return a random guy's wallet.


JAPANESE WONDERKID. Part 2 of Aito Iguchi's hockey skills are just as impressive as the first.

GRANDMA'S HIGH. Grandmas get high for the first time and play Cards Against Humanity. Pure awesome.