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The Mid-Morning Dump - 11/21/14

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Iowa State Basketball

MATCHUP NIGHTMARE. Myron Medcalf slots Georges Niang right behind Jahlil Okafor as the biggest matchup nightmare in the country.

Iowa State Football

HIT 'EM HARD. Iowa State looks to slow down the potent Texas Tech offense by delivering hits.

MORE PASSION THAN EVER. Wally Burnham hasn't given up on his players, even while admitting the play and coaching hasn't been great.

EVERYONE'S FRUSTRATED. Paul Rhoads says he understands the frustration surrounding his program right now.

TWO FINAL GOALS. Tom Farniok has two wishes for the twilight of his Iowa State career.

Iowa State Wrestling

BIG WIN. Iowa State opened up with a 30-3 victory over Central Michigan.

Around The Country

GUNDY'S PRETTY GOOD. What would have happened with Florida's season if Mike Gundy was their head coach?

COLLEGE FOOTBALL RISK BOARD. Spencer Hall turns college football teams into countries/regions in Risk.

GO CANADA? After the mic crapped out during the U.S. National Anthem, Maple Leafs fans sang it in unison.

THINK WARM, SPARTY. Putting up a fireplace on the videoboard probably isn't helping your workers get any warmer.

GROSSSSS. Mike Golic lost a bet, so he posed like the infamous Kim Kardashian butt pic.

"WHY DOES NO ONE CARE ABOUT FOOTBALL HERE????!!!!" Chris Hoover, Duke football grad assistant, gets all crazy to hype the team up.

WISCONSIN NICE. Frank Kaminsky and Keifer Sykes are too nice to be good at trash talk.

JUST STOP IT. After Kentucky's dominance to open the college basketball season, some are wondering if they could beat the 76ers. Yeah, no.

TOO MUCH CELEBRATING. It was Oakland's first win in forever, so they celebrated everything.

TERRIBLE DEFENSE. Kevin Shattenkirk did not have a good night.