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The Mid-Morning Dump - 11/24/14

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Cyclone Football

ALWAYS ONE PLAY AWAY. The Cyclones lost to Texas Tech in the way they always find to lose close games.

EVEN CHIEF IS SECOND GUESSINGSam B. Richardson comments on how that one play could have been something else.

Cyclones Men's Basketball

HILTON SOUTH TUNE UP. previews tonight's Hoiball seminar for Alabama.

HOLDING STEADY. Gary Parrish keeps us at #14 in the Monday update of his Top 25 + 1.  Watch out for WVU coming on strong.

Other Cyclones Sports

A FULL FORTY MINUTES. Bill Fennelly gets what he wants in a win over Cincinnati.

READY FOR OUR SUPER BOWL. Cyclone Wrestling moves to 4-0 with a win over Michigan State.  Iowa on Saturday.

CYCLONES RUNNERS RUNNERS UP. ISU Women's Cross Country take second at NCAA finals.

Other Sporting News

ANYTHING B1G CAN DO BIG XII CAN DO BETTER. Oklahoma's Perine breaks Wisconsin's Gordon's single game rushing record before the ink is even dry in the books.

EXCEPT MAYBE CREATING NEW TROPHIES. Minnesota v. Nebraska gets a new trophy for their "rivalry".

THE BANDIT SAID IT'S OKJameis Winston pushes ref but it's ok, Burt Reynolds was there to say so.

ONE OF US, ONE OF US. Garry Parrish introduces Last Call for Drunk Bets.

GOAT WORTHY. Odell Beckham makes all the highlight reels.