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The Mid-Morning Dump - 11/25/14

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Iowa State Basketball

LET'S WATCH FRED! Fred Hoiberg's post-game press conference.

KC KNOWS WE MAKE IT RAIN. McFadden's had a special Cyclone menu last night.

STILL SHORT-BENCHING IT. Despite the newly found depth, Fred Hoiberg rolled with mostly a seven man rotation last night.

BINGO? BINGO! A fun drinking? game to play.

Iowa State Football

A SAVIOR! The top JUCO DT in the country seems like he'll be in Ames next year in search of immediate playing time.

SENIOR BOWL FOR BIBBS. Amidst a horrendous season for the team, E.J. Bibbs is still garnering attention.

MORRISSEY'S DREAM. One last game for Cory Morrissey to play on the field he always dreamed of playing on.

BEEFCASTLE'S SAD TOO. Tom Farniok is totally OK with the criticism that's come from the last two seasons, but he's ready to end on a good note.

NOT CHECKED OUT YET. Paul Rhoads says his team isn't looking past the last two games to the offseason.

Iowa State Cross Country

HISTORIC FINISH. The women's cross country team finished off a season for the ages, finishing second.

Around The Country

JAMES, YOUR DEFENSE... WOOF. Honestly, even calling this "defense" that James Harden attempted is being generous.

APPRECIATING BARRY. Melvin Gordon's incredible stats remind us just how ridiculous Barry Sanders was.

THIS SEEMS UNFAIR. Louisville was up 29-0 on Savannah State last night, despite the hilariously quotable Rick Pitino attempting to make it less embarrassing.

24 HOURS AT FSU. Florida State gets a visit from Spencer Hall.

IT'S A DAMN ENCYCLOPEDIA. Gary Kubiak doesn't make things easy.

HOCKEY PLAYERS AREN'T SUPPORTIVE. Evgeni Malkin isn't all about congratulating his goalie for 300 wins.

THEY REALLY HATE MICHIGAN. Ohio State is covering up all the Ms on campus.

BACK FROM THE DEAD. Texas' seniors have come a long long way from losing to Chaminade.