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The Mid-Morning Dump - 11/26/14

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Iowa State Football

ECBY LIKES PRACTICE NOW. Tad Ecby has started to take practice more seriously, and his play on the field has showed that.

RECORD IN REACH. Sam Richardson has a shot to break Todd Bandhauer's passing TD record this season.

IS TRICKETT PLAYING? Clint Trickett's status for Saturday's Riot Bowl is still up in the air.

Iowa State Basketball

DREAMY SPEAKS. Fred Hoiberg talks losing.

SPOTLIGHT ON MONTE. Mike Rutherford writes that Monte Morris is finally getting the recognition he deserves, though the timing wasn't the greatest with Monte's poor showing last night.

LOLMARYLAND. There's not much to harass the Terps about, but this failed high five butt slap is entertaining.

Iowa State Volleyball

THIS IS SO IOWA STATE. There will be a partial replay of the Texas Tech-Iowa State volleyball match because of a ref error, which got a reprimand.

Around The Country

NO BUENO, ELGIN. One time Iowa State commit Elgin Cook had a crazy failed dunk/layup last night for Oregon.

DANCE, CALIPARI, DANCE! John Calipari has like 512572 McDonald's All-Americans on his team to use, so he created a substitution dance.

IT'S LIKE NOBODY SAW WHITE MEN CAN JUMP. Wyoming's Jason McManamen dunked, and nobody could believe it.

STILL BAMA AND OREGON. Another week and Alabama and Oregon are still at the top of the College Football playoffs.