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Betting the Big XII: Week 14

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Two Big XII Playoff teams? Why not?

With the regular season nearing its less than dramatic ending, the playoff picture is becoming increasingly clearer. Two SEC teams seemingly control their own destiny into the four team field, joining last year's champion, Florida State, and the Pac-12 leader, Oregon.

The SEC has long been trumpeted as the best league around, and have all but guaranteed themselves an annual opportunity to play for College Football's championship trophy through a mix of marketing and gamesmanship. Their schedules are padded mostly with cupcakes, and the few challenges they do take on are heavily slanted in their favor.

Then, take the bowl season. Most of the SEC's bowl affiliations have them playing either ACC or Big Ten opponents, all but ensuring  a dominating presence.  To put some perspective on that, our #3 team plays the ACC #2.

If the SEC is a conference filled with eight tough matchups, than certainly the same applies to the Big XII. Why do one loss Bama and Mississippi State automatically enter into the discussion as being worthy of admittance, yet two teams with the same record from an equally strong conference are on the outside looking in? Why shouldn't the discussion about who is more deserving, TCU or Baylor, be turned into a conversation about TCU AND Baylor?

Week 13 Results

K-State 26 - West Virginia 20

Bet $22/KSU +2 (W)

Cash $42

The West Virginia Slide* continues.

*This could be the newest dance craze if someone will invent it.

Kansas 7 - Oklahoma 44

Bet $22/KU +25 (L)

Cash $0

So much for the feel goods, KU.

Texas Tech 34 - Iowa State 31

Bet $11/ISU -1.5

Cash $0

I haven't seen this much suck since my wife started monitoring my browsing history.

Oklahoma State 28 - Baylor 49

Bet $22/Over 68.5 (W)

Cash $42

It's OK, OK-State. The hurting is almost over.

Week 13 Profit:                                $ 7.00

Current Bank:                    $ 1,000.00

Season Profit:                   $ 500.00

To the Games:

TCU @ Texas - Thursday, November 27th @ 6:30 PM - FS1

Line: TCU -6.5

O/U 56.5

Poor TCU fans thought their run through the roughest part of the Big XII's gauntlet was over a few weeks ago only to meet a resurgent Texas squad looking to stoke a new Thanksgiving Day rivalry after TAMU departed two years ago. This could be the game that trips up the Horn Frogs' chances but a victory here should put them above MSU regardless of how they fare against their cross state rivals Saturday morning.

Texas is already bowl eligible and seeking their fourth consecutive victory after getting their mid-season groove back somewhere around the Iowa State game. A victory against their in-state kind of rival improves their chances of not having to play in the Cactus Bowl while helping Baylor win the conference title outright.

My Bet $22/Over 56.5

West Virginia @ Iowa State - Saturday, November 29th @ 11:00 AM - FS1

Line: ISU +9

O/U 67.5

Who the hell knows.

My Bet $22/Over 67.5

Baylor @ Texas Tech - Saturday, November 29th in Arlington, TX @ 2:30 PM - ABC/ESPN2

Line: BU -25

O/U 79

Texas Tech won their last game this season last week.

Baylor is prepping for K-State and trying to get the attention of the selection committee in the process.

This could get ugly.

My Bet $22/Baylor -25

Kansas @ Kansas State - Saturday, November 29th @ 3:00 PM - FS1

Line: K-State -28

O/U 51.5

This supposed rivalry game has not been close since 2009 with K-State scoring the better part of 60 points in the Governer's Cup. Kansas' defense will need to speed up the evolution process if they hope to turn this game back into a rivalry. Creationism will do little good for them here.

My Bet $22/Kansas +28

You're talking about Playoffs?

#1 Alabama @ #15 Auburn

Line: Bama -9

Auburn is laughably still ranked in the Top 20 with losses to Mississippi State, Georgia and Texas A&M. Meanwhile, Oklahoma gets little respect with their three losses to teams in the Top 10 (K-State is close enough). This is the problem with perception, people.

I would love to see the Tigers win this game just to create chaos, but that would probably just elevate them to #4, while dropping Bama only two spots. Thus creating three spots for SEC teams in the playoffs.

Pick: Bama

#2 Oregon @ Oregon State

Line: Oregon -19.5

Oregon State has been awful in Pac 12 play yet somehow managed to upset Arizona State earlier this month.

Oregon has been Oregon, but Corvallis can be a tough environment for Ducks.

Pick: Beavers

#3 Florida State vs. Florida

Line: FSU -7.5

This season probably can't end soon enough for Winston supporters. I know he can't leave for the NFL after this season, but I can't imagine a scenario where another year of intense scrutiny is beneficial for any of the parties involved.

I'm saying this is the game FSU finally trips themselves up. I am probably wrong, but when has that stopped me before?

Pick: Florida

#4 Mississippi State @ #19 Ole Miss

Line: MSU -2

Do it for your country, Ole Miss. You owe us.

Pick: Ole Miss

Gobble, Gobble, Mother-fudgers.