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The Mid Morning Dump - 11/3/14

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FIRST, THE GOOD NEWS - The Cyclones Women's Cross Country team won their fourth consecutive Big XII Title!  And the Men took third!

NOW, BACK TO REALITY - Uncle Randy was not amused.

BUT IT WASN'T ALL BAD - Sam E Richardson had two picks!

OH YES IT WAS - A questionable cut block has probably ended Jehvon Miller's season, and career.

THE 'EERS KNOW OUR PAIN - West Virginia loses a close one to TCU amidst the carnage of five turnovers.

AS DO THE COWBOYS - The Wizard stupefies Oklahoma State.

WHILE THE JAYHAWKS PRACTICE AT MAKING US LOOK GOODKansas folds to Baylor 60-14.  See you next week for our annual positivity counseling, guys.

ALL THAT SETTING US UP FOR - November 8, Big XII Judgement Day.

ISU LUCK EVEN HAPPENS TO THE BIG BOYS SOMETIMES - Ole Miss' Treadwell breaks ankle, drops TD ball.

MORE FIGHT THAN OUR D-LINE - NASCAR's Jeff Gordon and Brad Keselowski got in a tussle.  If you can even call it that.

FREE AT LAST, FREE AT LAST - Voting Day is tomorrow and you know what that means.  No more political ads!  Seriously folks, go vote, for whomever, just do it.  Here's a link if you need to know where to go.  But remember, Iowa allows same day registration, so really, just go wherever.