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The Mid-Morning Dump - 11/4/14

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MOVING ON. Players talk about moving past the shellacking Oklahoma put on them.

NEW COMMIT. Tristan Nickelson, a JUCO out of Texas, has decided to play for Iowa State.

WHO STEPS IN? Who's going to fill the void left by Jevohn Miller?

MANGINO TO KANSAS? Somehow, talking about Mangino taking the job at Kansas is on the mind of Randy Peterson.

COACH OF THE YEAR. Andrea Grove-McDonough was named the Big 12 cross country coach of the year.

NOVEMBER IS THE BEST. Bill Connelly reminisces about November, the best month in college football.

BREAKIN' 3: MALZAHN MOVES. Gus Malzahn break dancing is a real thing.

UP TO HIS OLD TRICKS. Marcus Smart is still flopping.

BUT OUTDONE BY A TRIPLE FLOP. Three simultaneous flops are just amazing to watch.

RUSSIAN MACHINE HATING. Mikhail Prokhorov is spitting barbs at Jason Kidd. Tsalmpouris could learn something from this guy.

HE SHOULD NEVER DROP A BALL. Odell Beckham's one handed catches are something to behold.

INGENIOUS. AHL goalie does the math and figures facing a 1 on 0 is better than a 2 on 0.

TERRIFIC TARASENKO. To pull this sweet goal off outside of a shootout or penalty shot is impressive.